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The means and transport companies have the responsibility to take care of their passengers, merchandise, own staff and / or external collaborating companies (handeling, fuel, etc.). The centers of control of the centers of transport need to react in a few seconds in case of critical situations that may affect the operations of the company and the safety of personnel, passengers or goods. In order to obtain the maximum security in the transportation of goods, communication and collaboration among the personnel, agencies and entities responsible for dealing with emergencies is of the utmost importance, achieving a fast and effective action for the coordination of all those groups and individuals involved, according to the security protocols imposed.

The control of risks and threats (mechanical, technological, climatic, criminal, labor, etc.) and effective communication of information in emergency situations are key to the execution of the Action Plans of these sectors.

Transportation Sector

The transportation sector is faced with risks to be prevented depending on what it transports; The method of transportation is of equal importance when designing the emergency protocols and the type of communication that it must have with the operations center.
Public transportation must comply with emergency protocols similar to cargo transportation, but focused on the safety of travelers using this medium (buses, trolleybuses, trams, trains, suburban railways or ferries) to move.

The safety measures to be taken in each instance are similar, but greater emphasis must always be placed on accident prevention and action against emergencies that threaten the health and well-being of the general public; Such as security at subway stations, where a mass evacuation protocol should be implemented with agility in the face of any emergency and the underground facilities must be evaluated, during and after, any natural disaster or threat to the lives of travelers.

ALERT24 Application

ALERT24 offers the ideal solution for early reaction and communication in crisis situations in these phases, allowing our clients to maintain the level of security, protection of people and critical infrastructures, as well as business continuity, within the objectives of corporate and environmental responsibility defined in the enterprise.

ALERT24 is the necessary tool for Security and Risk managers since it allows the representation of different emergency situations in a hierarchy of cases, communication of the necessary information in a massive and automatic way, measuring and analyzing the different incidents (real and post-incident ) allowing to monitor and improve future security plans.

ALERT24 has different functionalities and modules that help to carry out all the activities described above during an emergency:

❖ Alert manager (cases) according to priorities.
❖ Activation of alerts and emergency messages by telephony, radio or plant loudspeakers to groups, managers, employees or other organizations.
❖ Reception of geodetic data by telemetry to activate alerts.
❖ Geo-positioning of security and protection resources.
❖ Evacuation plan and guide for workers.
❖ Coordination with external protection services.
❖ Drills Execution.
❖ ICE Employee Sheet.
❖ High availability.
❖ Analysis of emergencies.

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