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Today, most public agencies must have emergency plans, and even private companies have resorted to disaster preparedness and business recovery planning. Prisons, however, are not like other public agencies. These are responsible for the safety of a large number of individuals who are normally locked up and can not be protected in many emergency situations. In addition, and perhaps ironically, the same people who are locked up and whose safety must be secured are the source of the most frequent and most serious prison emergency situations.

The first priority for each prison is the protection of the community, which means that even in the chaos of a major emergency, prisons must be secured against the escape of their prisoners.

Penitentiary Centers

Emergency preparedness is a central, even critical, issue for prisons. Effective planning plays a crucial role in the prevention of major emergencies and, more importantly, in containing crisis situations once they emerge; Good planning can also lead to early intervention that solves small, localized crises before they become serious emergencies that threaten the entire institution.

The lack of effective preparedness for emergencies can, if a large scale crisis occur, make it worse than necessary. No penitentiary is immune to large-scale emergencies. A hostage situation (perhaps the prison crisis requiring the most sophisticated response) can occur at any correctional facility, but with good planning, some situations (planned disturbances, fires, hostage situation) may not come to occur.

If a correctional facility does not have the level of emergency preparedness it wants or needs, staff assessment and training is the first essential step, starting with fire prevention and fire fighting systems, assignment and contact with Corrective emergency response or special forces team, training of emergency negotiators, and communication and coordination with external emergency services to coordinate action plans according to defined protocols.

ALERT24 Application

ALERT24 offers the ideal solution for early reaction and communication in crisis situations in these phases, allowing our clients to maintain the level of security, protection of people and critical infrastructures, as well as business continuity, within the objectives of corporate and environmental responsibility defined in the enterprise.

ALERT24 is the necessary tool for Security and Risk managers since it allows the representation of different emergency situations in a hierarchy of cases, communication of the necessary information in a massive and automatic way, measuring and analyzing the different incidents (real and post-incident ) allowing to monitor and improve future security plans.

ALERT24 has different functionalities and modules that help to carry out all the activities described above during an emergency:

❖ Alert manager (cases) according to priorities.
❖ Activation of alerts and emergency messages by telephony, radio or plant loudspeakers to groups, managers, employees or other organizations.
❖ Reception of geodetic data by telemetry to activate alerts.
❖ Geo-positioning of security and protection resources.
❖ Evacuation plan and guide for workers.
❖ Coordination with external protection services.
❖ Drills Execution.
❖ ICE Employee Sheet.
❖ High availability.
❖ Analysis of emergencies.

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