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The mining of mineral resources is practiced in almost all the countries of the world, an activity that has important economic, environmental, labor and social repercussions in the countries or regions in which it is practiced and at a global scale, representing a significant part Of its GDP in many cases.

Mining is the oldest economic activity of the primary sector for mankind and of great utility since the extracted basic raw material is used for the manufacture of a variety of industrial products. In order to regulate the mining industry, national governments and international financial institutions have created a series of legislative reforms that seek the harmony and stability of the productive sector. Most of these are focused on the care of the environment and on the safety of miners, however, violations of these standards in recent times have caused various disasters in several nations of the world.

The attention and prevention of mining accidents is one of the most important objectives in the mining activity with great social, environmental and productive responsibility. ALERT24 becomes a necessary tool for security officers in emergency situations, rescue, incidents or accidents

Mining sector

The mining industry has different stages in the production process that must have solutions that integrate the analysis and prevention of each of the possible risks.

❖ Exploitation: Extraction of the ore from the mine.
❖ Processing: Reduction of size by physical methods to release the metal particles from the rock. Increased concentration of metals by physical-chemical methods.
❖ Loading and transport: Loading and transport of the ore to the different points of delivery (process plant, dumps, etc.).
❖ Refining: Purification of the metals product of the foundry, for its industrial transformation.
❖ Casting: Separation of the metals contained in the concentrates.

Among the risks present in these phases are: Occupational safety due to the density of workers in facilities, chemical, operational, technological, environmental, occupational safety, accidents and transportation, robberies, fires, geological, etc.

Application of ALERT24

ALERT24 offers the ideal solution for early reaction and communication in crisis situations in these phases, allowing our clients to maintain the level of security, protection of people and critical infrastructures, as well as business continuity, within the objectives of corporate and environmental responsibility defined in the enterprise.

ALERT24 is the necessary tool for Security and Risk managers since it allows the representation of different emergency situations in a hierarchy of cases, communication of the necessary information in a massive and automatic way, measuring and analyzing the different incidents (real and post-incident ) allowing to monitor and improve future security plans.

ALERT24 has different functionalities and modules that help to carry out all the activities described above during an emergency:

❖ Alert manager (cases) according to priorities.
❖ Activation of alerts and emergency messages by telephony, radio or plant loudspeakers to groups, managers, employees or other organizations.
❖ Reception of geodetic data by telemetry to activate alerts.
❖ Geo-positioning of security and protection resources.
❖ Evacuation plan and guide for workers.
❖ Coordination with external protection services.
❖ Drills Execution.
❖ ICE Employee Sheet.
❖ High availability.
❖ Analysis of emergencies.

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