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The industrial sector presents its own risks associated with its economic activity (such as explosions, fires, leaks, etc.), as well as threats common to all sectors (natural disasters, strikes, etc.); These risks and threats are fixed in the emergency plans and self-protection of each facility. Every industry needs to have a reliable tool to guarantee the safety of its own personnel, protect the environment, its infrastructures, business continuity, nearby people or localities, and also integrate with the existing alerting and communication systems In the industrial plant.

The industrial sector presents its own risks associated with its economic activity (intrinsic) such as explosions, fires, leaks, in addition to the risks common to all (external) sectors such as threats, strikes, ... which is included in the emergency plans and self-protection of Each installation. Any industry needs to have a reliable tool to guarantee the safety of its own personnel, protect the environment, nearby people or localities, its infrastructures and business continuity, and integrate with the existing warning and communication systems in The industrial plant.

ALERT24 helps industrial clients to manage alerts and communication emergency information, as well as coordination with external groups to the infrastructure itself if necessary as 112/911 or municipalities.

Industrial Sector

The industrial sector has multiple procedures involving chemical, physical, electrical or mechanical steps to aid in the manufacture of an article or articles, generally carried out on a very large scale. Industrial processes are the key components of heavy industry. These processes can be applied by themselves, or as part of a broader process and are in the most general in the industrial sector:

Manufacturing: Manufacturing process of a product that is done with the hands or with the help of machines

Industrial processes: A set of unitary operations necessary to modify the characteristics of raw materials.

Assembly and packing: Assembly of the different elements of a product and packaging in a box or any wrapping with which to protect an object to be transported.

Storage: For the maintenance of the inventory and the handling of the stock.

Transportation: Carrying or moving a product from one place to another, usually through large-scale transportation logistics.

Among the risks present in these phases are: chemical, operational, technological, environmental, occupational safety, accidents and transportation, robberies, fires, spills, etc.

ALERT24 Application

ALERT24 offers the ideal solution for early reaction and communication in crisis situations in these phases, allowing our clients to maintain the level of security, protection of people and critical infrastructures, as well as business continuity, within the objectives of corporate and environmental responsibility defined in the enterprise.

ALERT24 is the necessary tool for Security and Risk managers since it allows the representation of different emergency situations in a hierarchy of cases, communication of the necessary information in a massive and automatic way, measuring and analyzing the different incidents (real and post-incident ) allowing to monitor and improve future security plans.

ALERT24 has different functionalities and modules that help to carry out all the activities described above during an emergency:

❖ Alert manager (cases) according to priorities.
❖ Activation of alerts and emergency messages by telephony, radio or plant loudspeakers to groups, managers, employees or other organizations.
❖ Reception of geodetic data by telemetry to activate alerts.
❖ Geo-positioning of security and protection resources.
❖ Evacuation plan and guide for workers.
❖ Coordination with external protection services.
❖ Drills Execution.
❖ ICE Employee Sheet.
❖ High availability.
❖ Analysis of emergencies.

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