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There are a large variety of groups, companies and sectors (primary, secondary, private, public, ec.), Which, depending on their line of work and production, are structured and regulated in different ways; However, something in which all sectors are similar, is in the emergency plans that have to be designed and implemented to protect the safety of its workers, their clientele and ensure the continuity of their business.

In all activities, the first step to follow is the analysis of the specific risks of their work, as well as the consideration of risks and disasters that suddenly affect the activity. Once the risks and threats are analyzed and considered, it is essential to draw up action plans and protocols for each and every one of the possible emergencies detected, and to contemplate the necessary preparation of the elements and personnel involved in their development and compliance.

The control of risks and threats (Economic, Technological, Mechanical, Structural, Criminals, Climatic, etc.) and the effective communication of information in emergency situations are key when executing the Action Plans of these sectors.

Emergency Communications

Staff training, based on emergency prevention, action and contingency plans, such as evacuation plans and the execution of safety drills, are highly effective in observing the levels of risk faced in each situation and manage priorities with one situation againts another.

The means to be used, assigning them compliance with the established protocols, for effective communication of the situation with the primary action teams or emergency response bodies, are especially delicate since rapid and effective transmission is required to prevent or stop threats in time.

For each sector there are a variety of hazards that can threaten people's safety and business continuity, but all are especially sensitive to natural disasters that immediately threaten the well-being and security of people, it is also important to note that emergencies such as , fires, terrorist threats, failure of services and any emergency that threatens the safety of the general public, usually cause collective panic, making it difficult to communicate previously established plans designed for the protection and guidance of the affected public; That is why rapid and effective communication with the appropriate team to address the situation is essential and critical for the effective implementation of any security and emergency plan.

ALERT24 Application

ALERT24 offers the ideal solution for early reaction and communication in crisis situations in these phases, allowing our clients to maintain the level of security, protection of people and critical infrastructures, as well as business continuity, within the objectives of corporate and environmental responsibility defined in the enterprise.

ALERT24 is the necessary tool for Security and Risk managers since it allows the representation of different emergency situations in a hierarchy of cases, communication of the necessary information in a massive and automatic way, measuring and analyzing the different incidents (real and post-incident ) allowing to monitor and improve future security plans.

ALERT24 has different functionalities and modules that help to carry out all the activities described above during an emergency:

❖ Alert manager (cases) according to priorities.
❖ Activation of alerts and emergency messages by telephony, radio or plant loudspeakers to groups, managers, employees or other organizations.
❖ Reception of geodetic data by telemetry to activate alerts.
❖ Geo-positioning of security and protection resources.
❖ Evacuation plan and guide for workers.
❖ Coordination with external protection services.
❖ Drills Execution.
❖ ICE Employee Sheet.
❖ High availability.
❖ Analysis of emergencies.

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